FAIR Project: Concerted Action Ref CT 97-3940

Factors affecting hide and skin quality: Development of strategies for improving the raw material of the leather industry.

This is a 38 month project (1 January 1998 to 28 February 2001) involving ten European partners. The theme of the project is to develop a network of European researchers working on hide and skin quality, to exchange information in order to enable co-ordination of efforts, to produce a range of information on protecting hide and skin quality - including leaflets, computer training packages and on the World Wide Web and to develop a working document outlining the needs for further work.

The project is funded by the European Commission under the FAIR Programme, which covers Agriculture and Fisheries (including Agro-Industry, Food Technologies, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development). The content of all the material published on this site is the sole responsibility of the publishers and it in no way represents the views of the European Commission or its services.

Project Co-ordinator:

BLC Leather Technology Centre   Cotance  
Leather Trade House   3 Rue Belliard
Kings Park Road   B1040
Moulton Park   Brussels
Northampton NN3 6JD   Belgium
Tel: +44 1604 679999   Tel: +32 02512 77038
Fax: +44 1604 679998   Fax: +32 02512 9157
Email:   Email: info@euroleather.com
Web: www.blcleathertech.com   Web: www.euroleather.com


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